The Way and the Goal

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We are told, and we feel it to be true, that we need to purify our minds and control our senses. But we must remember that love is the goal. It is only through love that we can purify our minds and control the senses. Love is the only reason to do so, and love is the way to do so. If we think, “I will free myself from the attraction of sense pleasures,” the idea of those pleasures is invoked and gets deeply rooted in the mind. When the appropriate stimulus comes along, they spring to the surface in full force. Whether pushing or pulling, we are still holding on. Insteadwe should “throw it to the other side” by affirming: “I shall delight in the glory of the Divine Mother; I shall see Ma in every situation; I will call to Her by name and hold Her in my heart.” When the mind and heart are exclusively focused and filled with God in loving rapture, where then is the world and its allure? When there is only God, there is only God.