Secret Lust Behind True Devotion

Secret Lust Behind Devotion.jpg

There is something inside of us that both intuits the Infinite as well as longs for It. There is a throb within us that can never be satisfied living and dying within the narrow ruts of material culture, mental and physical habits and social conventions. We want to swallow the moon! We want to embrace the universe! That longing IS the soul. The soul is a verb. It is what happens to you when you fall madly in love with “The Beyond”. Real religion is a desperate response to this painful urge. Always remember your own broken heart and its unreasonable need for the Absolute. This is the seed of spiritual aspiration. This is the fuel for sadhana. This is the secret lust behind true devotion to God. Be conscious of this and all the dilemmas that may and will come up can be understood and dealt with maturely.