River of Bliss

 On left: Eve offering the apple to Adam in the Garden of Eden and the serpent (detail), c.1520-25 (oil on wood) by Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553).  On right: murti of Lord Buddha displaying the “dharma chakra mudra” (detail).

Spiritual aspiration, hunger for God, is the most important blessing one can have. Spiritual hunger leads to sincere sadhana, and sincere sadhana leads to a progressive spiritual life. By regular repetition of the diksha mantras, our mind becomes more and more stable and a gradual transformation of consciousness Return to the Source:  unfolds. Japa is the foundation. Keep the current of Divine Remembrance flowing at all times. There is a river of rapturous bliss ever flowing just underneath
our fluctuating thoughts. Sadhana allows us to feel, hear, see and bathe in this celestial stream. It flows in the center of our spine. It flows in the center of our being. It flows from the infinite ocean of sat-chit-ananda from which we come, in which we live
and into which we will eventually return. The faint intuitive fragrance of this stream is love, happiness, joy and satisfaction. To drink from it directly is mind-blowing ecstasy. To drown in it is immortality, transcending the limitations of time, space and form in the Eternal One: the One we call Kali, the One we call Ramakrishna.