A Real Sadhu

A Real Sadhuu.jpg

Once an old sadhu died and went to the abode of death. Yamaraj, the Lord of Death, told him, “You have lived a divine life, so now please enter heaven.” The sadhu said, “I will do as you direct, but I have heard many people talk about hell and have also read about it in the scriptures. It is my desire to visit hell as a tourist just to see what it is like. Will you allow me?” Yamaraj said, “You are most welcome to visit hell as a guest before entering heaven.” The sadhu entered hell and took a nice tour of the main sights. Then returning to Yamaraj, he said, “Lord Yama, you have created such a wonderful realm! Hell is very beautiful!” Yamaraj, with much surprise asked, “How can hell be beautiful? Tell me what you saw there.” The sadhu said, “I saw beautiful pristine forests, gorgeous palaces, breathtaking temples, fragrant flower gardens, devotees everywhere singing kirtan, gods and goddesses playing divine instruments and sages performing sacrifices. I felt the divine presence everywhere.” Yamaraj then said, “Now I understand. You are a real sadhu! Wherever you go, even in the depth of hell itself, you create heaven.”